Contacts Page



ISIDORE KATSAROS  ( Original Brother )       
Louis Katsaros  ( Son of Alex )            

Helayne Katsaros  ( Daughter Of Alex )
Alexander Katsaros  ( Son Of Alex )
Helen Katsaros  ( Daughter of George )
Helen Katsaros  ( Daughter of Terry )  

Marcelle Katsaros  ( Daughter of Terry )  
Michelle Katsaros  a/k/a Shelly

The Daughter In Law of ( Elias "Leo" Katsaros )
Eleni Katsaros ( Daughter of Andoni ) 
Elia Katsaros ( Son Of Andoni )
Cati Catsaros ( Daughter of Emanuelle )  
Nico Catsaros ( Son of Emanuelle ) 
Tony Katsaros ( 3rd Son of Elias "Leo" Katsaros )



Mailing Address

12 Sentosa Golf Estate

Peregian Springs Drive

Peregian Beach Qld 4573.



To all family members who would like to be added to this list,  email me any time at with whatever contact information you would like me to list.